The OTE GmbH

The surfaces of concrete comprise a key purchasing criteria for customers in the private, commercial or public sectors.

The price and quality that can be realised for a product are determined by the aesthetics of the raw materials or finishing treatment methods used. What is important is to communicate this quality to the customer and to guarantee it.

Experience has shown that exposing the surface to a variety of factors can result in changes in the visual effect of the product that has been laid. Particularly in the private sector it is therefore necessary to effectively protect the long-term aesthetics of the laid surface against dirt, efflorescence, moss growth or other visual changes.

When using surface protection systems for industrial manufacturing it is therefore important to use functioning, property-specific systems. These must be tested and optimised for each individual product available. It is crucial to consult and advise the producers here in order to ensure successful implementation and functionality of a surface protection system. This requires the combination of specialists from the concrete and paint/lacquer industries.

Only by employing this combination it is possible to achieve a long-term, functioning system with the desired results. Place your trust in our experience.